What’s in a name?

After much dillying and even more dallying I have finally set up a page to blog about my love of books and to promote my freelance proofreading business.

I have been a bookworm since I was in primary school, racing through stories just so I could pick up another one. Not a lot has changed – I just try to juggle several books at once these days! I love a good chick lit novel and was tempted to book flights to Costa Rica after reading Belinda Jones’ Cafe Tropicana (sadly finances didn’t allow for it at the time). I also enjoy thrillers (SJ Watson’s debut Before I Go To Sleep is definitely worth putting on a “to read” list) and currently have a strange fascination with political (auto)biographies (namely Thatcher’s The Downing Street Years – but I am only approximately one fifth of the way through that hefty volume). Paulo Coelho has become one of my favourite authors after having a copy of The Alchemist thrust into my hands whilst backpacking around Australia. I’m now trying to read through his entire collection.

I completed a proofreading course with The Publishing Training Centre in 2013 and am now pursuing freelance proofreading work. For further details please see my proofreading page.

In choosing a name for this blog I wanted something that was simple and easy to remember, yet conveyed the essence of what I will use this for. However, I’m not convinced that ‘perlegere’ is either simple, or easy to remember, but by being the latin for “to read over” I thought it was quite apt (and who types in addresses these days right? It’s all about links… I hope!).

I hope you enjoy what I will share with you and look forward to any comments, discussions and of course, recommendations for what to read next!

LJ x