What do you read, my Lord?

They say new year resolutions are supposed to be broken and since 2012 I have managed to break mine: to read one book a week (on average) over the year. Of course, when factoring in other commitments on time, this becomes quite a challenge! Between 2012 and 2014 the most I read (not including those that I proofed) was 36. Whilst not a bad number, it’s nowhere near the 52 I was aiming for… and I probably added more than that to my “to read” pile, which appears to double in size every couple of months!

A few weeks ago someone showed me a reading challenge for 2015. I decided to see how many books I could get through and so far I’ve finished 7 out of 50… not a bad start! After being absorbed in crime novels from Karin Slaughter’s ‘Grant County series’, Kisscut, A Faint Cold Fear and Indelible, I’m now dipping in and out of short stories from Women in the Wild edited by Lucy McCauley, and enjoying learning about my favourite hockey team with 100 Things Rangers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die by Adam Raider and Russ Cohen.

The challenge has encouraged me to consider books that I wouldn’t normally choose, as well as forced me to pick up some of the novels that have sat in a pile unread for years on end… there are several contenders for the “was supposed to read in school but didn’t” category! The full list of books can be found on my reading challenge page, where I’ll also update the details of those I’ve read.

Why not give the challenge a go?

Happy reading!